What Our Readers Are Saying

“After reading Lower Stress Naturally I was able to take a good look at my life and re evaluate what is important to me and my family. I gained some great strategies on how to implement change into my life and realised the importance of health and general wellbeing is to have a balanced lifestyle, which in turn lowers stress levels. I would recommend this eBook as a great tool for life.”

-Amanda B

“Thank you for letting me be a part of this, in May I was very confused on where to go and what to do to help manage my stress, and being a lets get this sorted straight away sort of person in someway trying to manage the stress made it worse. The book is fantastic; it’s clear and precise and helped me more in the 10 days since I read it than anything else. It really is a credit to you both.”

-Hayley D

“This e book is a step by step manual that can be used everyday in order to be clearer with what you would like to have in your life and then having goals that aligns with this new life. Its good for not only the self developed mind to the beginner exploring his/her behaviours for the first time which makes it very valuable for anyone as a bible to success.”

-Steven H

“Thank you so much for sharing this eBook. It has helped me mentally and physically assisting me to work towards my goals in my career, sport & at home. I now think about stress amongst other things in a different way. It is the best feeling when you first feel that “magic” happen after following an exercise in your eBook.”

-Chris F

“If you’re willing to take action towards reducing stress in your life then this is the book for you. I strongly recommend you buy, read, digest then read and digest again this book, putting in to practice as many of the recommended excercises you can over time. If you have a partner, put aside a weekend to work through it together and decide how you can each make a difference to your own, eachother’s and the household’s stress levels. This book is written fom the heart and is packed full of practical advice and tips you can implement right away. “Ancient ways polished for the 21st century mind” – it is indeed. It was a joy and a privilege to read. Thanks Shane and Angelina.”

-Vicky T

“I have noticed a significant improvement in the quality of life since reading Lower Stress Naturally. As someone who identifies as an empath, with a wedding to plan and a rather dramatic family life, it has been such a relief to have tools on hand and all in one place to help me overcome potentially stressful situations and build a more balanced life. I come from a very typical Aussie family in which mental wellbeing and health were not topics that were discussed around the dinner table. Henceforth, upon reaching adulthood I quickly realised that my stress management skill set was severely lacking and this was having a negative effect on my life. I bumbled my way though for the remainder of my 20s with limited stress-less resources and direction on how to change things. I constantly rode the roller coaster suffering numerous stress related health issues such as sever muscle tension, jaw grinding and headache. Now, 4 months out from my 30th birthday I have a new perspective on stress. I will continue using the tools presented in Lower Stress Naturally and refer back to the book constantly in the future. I believe that the information contained in the ebook is crucial for achieving a stress-free life. I recommend this book to everyone and I can’t wait to share it with my friends! I thank Angie and Shane for sharing their wisdom and I look forward to further books.”

-Catherine G