Breathing To Lower Stress Naturally


Angelina & Shane are the authors of Three Lessons On How to Lower Stress Naturally and founders of Breathe Me.

What if we said we had a magic potion that made you feel calm and energised?

Speed up recovery or loose weight without dieting or going to the gym. It could turbo charge the immune system and stop stress in it’s tracks.

What if it could improve your memory and give you clarity to make quality decisions in business. What if it you could have better relationships because of it? Also it could slow the aging process and fuel up every cell in your body!

Would you want it?

Come on tell me, what is it!?

The answer is right under your nose… It’s breathing.

How well you breathe will determine how healthy you are and how long you will live.

All Chronic pain, suffering, and diseases are from a lack of oxygen on a cellular level. Oxygen is what nourishes the body. Do you have symptoms of dysfunctional breathing? You might have chronic back, neck or shoulders pain, pelvic floor issues, sleeping difficulties, anxiety, depression, asthma, or digestive issues.

How you breathe is how you live!

Together we have over 20 years experience in health and psychology.

I have trained elite athletes and the Australian special forces such as the navy dive teams, army commandos and the SAS soldiers. As well as completing the SAS selection course myself.

We have consulted to sports teams, coaches, chiropractors, and physiotherapists. We have also worked with sales teams, marketing and IT companies, as well as the mum’s, dads and mum’s to be. We noticed that everyone had one thing in common.

They all breathe! In our experience, breathing is the difference.

In our breathing classes, we have taken the most practical knowledge from western and eastern medicine and practices like kinesiology; osteopathy, physiotherapy, chiropractic, yoga, birthing classes, martial arts, combat sports, and military combat training.

We’ve taken everything that we have learnt from these things and distilled it down to what works. Our mission at ‘breathe me’ is to keep breathing simple and practical.

This is yoga and meditation for busy people that don’t have time for yoga and meditation!

Nine out of ten people have forgotten how to breathe well! This might be because of different kinds of traumas from birth to significant emotional events as an adult. Could be because of a fall, poor posture, poor diet, or over use of drugs or medication.

Any of these can cause you to move into a dysfunctional breathing pattern without you being aware of it. Then, it’s made worse by self-soothing with food, alcohol, drugs or medication.

Wouldn’t you like the same or should I say better results without side effects or hangovers?

More meditation and breathing instead of medication and eating!

Wether you have been practicing breathing for a long time or you are just finding out about it, get the most out of breathing by identifying your dysfunctions and effectively working your breathing muscles.

So… how do you get started?

Well, let’s do this together right now. But before we do, you need to know that this is not ‘another thing’ you need to add to your extensive to do list.

Just remember you used to breathe this way and you will notice that your body WANTS to breathe this way again.

Here are three things to get you started:

Breath awareness: this is just to notice where and how you are breathing. Is it in your chest or in your belly? Is your breathing smooth or is it choppy? Do you forget to breathe or find yourself gasping for air? Just start to notice how you breathe?

Conscious breathing: this is where you begin to take control of your breathing. And using breath awareness, you can notice if your breathing is shallow and rapid or in your chest you may want to change it to a low and slow. Change your breathing and you will change your state.

Low & slow: in this fast paced world we are rushing everywhere. We’re in a hurry to get up, to get somewhere, or even in a hurry go to sleep. Basic rule for breathing through our busy life is lower and slower is better.

Breathe with us now! Follow along in the video above!

If you would like to know more, come join us at Breath Me!



As you might have figured out, Angelina and Shane are research junkies. They like to search for the best of the best! If you would like to further your reading on breathing, Angelina & Shane highly recommend these two books!

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