For women, menstruation is one of the most stressful times of the month. It happens roughly every 30 days, and comes with a slew of emotions that many of us are taken off guard by.

While most women down a pill or two, or six, to deal with the pain and discomfort caused by menstruation, others opt for natural stress relief.

Today we’re taking a look at a few simple, yet powerful, natural stress relief tips you can use during your next cycle.

Sit in a Sauna or Steam Room

If you don’t have access to a gym or steam room, make your own by simply turning on your shower and closing the bathroom door. Allow the hot air to consume you as you breathe deeply into your belly expanding your lungs. Again, breathing deeply is a powerful and important part of de-stressing any time of the month—but even more so during menstruation. If you are feeling emotionally taxed or even angry, use this as a short and simple way to center yourself and control your emotions.

Tune into Your Body

So many of us allow our bodies to take control and scream and cry uncontrollably during this time of month. But we don’t have to accept that as our fate. We can find natural stress relief simply by tuning into to how we feel. Often our bodies literally scream at us because we’ve ignored them all month long. By making a practice of tuning in at every stage of our cycle, we can find the beauty in this special time of month. Post ovulation stimulates progesterone, which stimulates the breathing mechanism. If you are already stressed it will cause a person to over breathe, exacerbating their current stressful situation. This can easily be mistaken as anger or anxiety.

Stick with Your Routines

It’s easy to toss aside all the good habits you’ve formed over the month and curl up in some pjs and a box of chocolates during your period. Don’t fall prey to this trap! Your routines are what ground you. Perhaps just scale back the amount of work you’ve been doing or go from rigorous morning exercise to Yoga or walking instead. But don’t give up your routine. Doing so could cause more stress. Begin to implement deep belly breathing, low and slow into your everyday habit. You will be more balanced because of it!

Staying true to yourself and your habits gives you a strong foundation during your period. Don’t forget that you are a powerful and wonderful creature, and you also need to stay balanced by honoring and nurturing where you are.
By embracing the moment, you can find natural stress relief that keeps unpredictable emotions at bay.

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