The food we consume today isn’t what our grandparents ate. It is void of vital nutrients and minerals and the air we breathe is equally poor quality. Our water too is tainted with chemicals and plastics from various pollution sources.

The reality is, our environment creates symptoms of stress in our bodies. For some, even asthma or respiratory issues may arise. For others, obesity or thyroid problems can occur.

One of the first actions we must take to finding treatments for stress in our bodies is researching the causes.

Stress & Food

Did you know that stress makes us twice as likely to reach for a box of candy or bag of chips? The addictions we form to these foods cause us to crave them when stress hormones are released in the body. In fact, you might even say that craving junk foods is a symptom of stress.

Salt, sugar, carbohydrates, and fatty foods all contribute to weight gain and put pressure on our vital organs. It’s a ruthless cycle where we get stressed out, don’t know how to manage it, turn to the sweet or salty foods we love, and then watch our stress levels raise even more.

It is theorized that when our brainis stressed out, it goes in search of dopamine’s, which, is the feel good hormone —this is why we crave junky feel good foods when we’re stressed.

The Environment & Stress

Every aspect of our environments affect us. Whether that is your work space, living space, or the world at large. The environment influences our behavior and mood. According to neuroscientists, what you think about at any given moment affects your body, and what you think about is influenced by your environment.

While you cannot control the world, you can control your home. Creating a sanctuary away from the pollution, noise, and brightness of the world can keep you calm and help you destress each evening.

Tips for Using Food and Your Environment to Stay Calm

When it comes to finding treatments for stress, there are a few actions you can take to flush out the bad in your environment and food:

• Eat dark green foods regularly (we love juicing!)
• Stay balanced, everything in moderation – have some allowance for the journey your are on
• Play music in your home, have a vaporizer with essential oils, and light candles
• Take some extra time to do active breathing (an excellent way to lower your blood pressure!)

The symptoms of stress come in many forms, but learning how the environment and food plays a role in your health is critical to seeing long-term stress relief.

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