No one can escape stress, not even the individuals trained to deal with it. Today we’re taking a look at how to deal with stress like a psychologist, and a few practical ways you can find natural stress relief.

Psychologists are trained to manage the stress in others, but managing their own stress can be difficult. Here are a few proven ways psychologists deal with their daily stress.

Exercise or just move your body!

Going for a brief jog or even a long walk can work wonders in reducing your stress levels.

Psychologists often use time in between sessions to get in a brief exercise session or to simply get a breath of fresh air. Follow their routine by adding daily walks, breathing practices, or any movement that brings you joy to your schedule.

Get Sensual

Gardening, playing music, aromatherapy, and cooking are some favorite pastimes for many psychologists. They understand the power of the sensory system in relaxing the nervous system.

Pick a hobby you enjoy and explore your senses each day. The more time you spend doing this, the better.

Take a Break

While most professional psychologists don’t have flexible schedules, when they have a downtime and feel particularly stressed, some admit to taking 20 minute catnaps in their office in between clients. The extra break gives them a chance to re-charge and get back into gear for the next session.

Opt for a 10-20-minute session to supercharge your mind and de-stress like a professional.

Eat Clean Foods

Nearly every psychologist will tell you the importance of clean eating. When our bodies are malnourished they start taking nutrients from odd places, like our brain cells or bone marrow.

This causes more stress in the body. Do your best to eat clean, non-GMO, nutrient dense foods to get the most out of every meal. Your body will thank you.

Seek Assistance

Believe it or not, psychologists themselves seek out assistance to manage their stress.

Even if you’re not particularly stressed out at the moment, help from others can serve as an outlet to get rid of the stress that may be building.

Consider a monthly session for this natural stress relief.

If you want to start reducing your stress levels immediately, these simple suggestions are a great way to do so.

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